Saturday, October 29, 2011


What an inspiration!  We read the book "Seabiscuit, the Wonder Horse" by Meghan McCarthy, watched the historic 1938 Pimlico match race, and saw the 2003 biographical movie Seabiscuit.  

When we were at the A&T Equestrian for the YNC field trip, as soon as the staff led a bunch of horses into the paddock, Serena had her eyes immediately trained on Blackberry - the only horse of pure black, like a real race horse. She broke into tears when someone else got to him first.  She wouldn't take another horse and would wait til Blackberry was available again.

That same day I brought home a couple dozen books from the library, a few of them on how to draw horses. Not long after, Serena's desk is filled with sketches of horses. Her Christmas wish list? The crystal horse at Swarovski. (Note to Santa: it's $510.)


  1. You look good on Blackberry.
    But it is really big.
    They are really hard to draw. Nice work.
    Nanny & Papa

  2. Amazing horse drawings Serena, I am sorry I missed you the other day. Looking forward to having tea one day :) mrs d