Monday, October 17, 2011

My Community House

Serena made a pop-up book about the people in her community home.

What does it mean that you live in a community house, Serena?
To live in a house with a bunch of people!  And we're all Christians!

What do you like about living in community?
Because they're all my friends and I have company to play with me!

What do you do together?
We pray together, we have house dinner too. We bake cookies together! I play the flute with Pris, I watch "Amazing Race" with Geoffrey, I play games with Jonathan, I play "Phillippe" with Ben, and I squeeze Brenda!

Anything you don't like about living in a community house?
Sometimes it is too noisy in the kitchen when everyone cooks together!


  1. What a wonderful celebration of your community Serena! Praise God for your friends and family. I love your pop up book:) Blessings Mrs D

  2. very nicely put together
    great comments
    Nanny & Papa