Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Burrowing Duck?

Being a meticulous child who loves details, Serena's drawings are full of information.  She loves it when you notice that little caterpillar she added on the pansy, or the beehive hanging over the calla lily.  On top of the picture hangs the long morning glory vine.  Then there's a snake underground, and what's that in the middle?  Oh, a mole she clarified.  Now this one on the right, is that a

We recently read a biography on Ted Giesel (Dr. Seuss) and how he was teased as a child drawing nonsensical and fantastical animals.  I tried my best not to sound suspicious or doubtful when I asked Serena why there's a duck underground, but my tone failed me.  I might as well have said what this logical practical mom was really thinking - ducks don't burrow.

"No, mom, but there IS this kind of duck that make their nests in empty holes left by aardvarks!  Really!"

So it's not just any plain old ducks she's drawing.  She's referring to the South African Shelduck that breed "in disused mammal holes, usually those of the Aardvark" according to Wikipedia.  Upon further digging, we found out that the Shelduck in Kazakhstan make their nests in holes of foxes or marmots, and the Shelduck in UK prefer old rabbit burrows.

So she's not nonsensical afterall.  Isn't she just a little too realistic?


  1. Excellent drawing and researching Serena! You are my poster child for library science:) Bless you! Mrs D

  2. Well we did not know the duck information.
    Never to old to learn i guess.
    Great drawing and explanation.
    Nanny & Papa