Monday, October 3, 2011

Barnacles & Whales

"I want to know how barnacles grow on humpback whales."

That was what Serena said last night just before I turned off the lights in her room.  Who knows what got that into her little head.  Wait, there's that poster of a humpback whale with barnacles on the wall by her bed...

We can't possibly leave a question unanswered, even after a good night's sleep, can we?  Thankfully we found this wonderful article that explains everything to our curious scientist's satisfaction.  Serena laughed at the thought of these barnacles larvae using their front antennae to walk around the whale scouting for "prime real estate" - do you know that the spot where barnacles hunker down on a whale is not at all random?

Apparently even the marine biologists don't fully know exactly how these barnacles find their way to the whales.  Serena was quite pleased to have asked a question that even the know-it-all grown-ups haven't yet figured out.

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  1. Great question from a thoughtful student
    Nanny & Papa