Wednesday, October 26, 2011


From "If You Were Alliteration" by Trisha Speed Shaskan:
Alliteration - the same sound repeated at the beginning of two of more words in a phrase or a sentence.
Acrostic Poem - the first letter of each line spells a word vertically.

An Illustration by Serena:
Serena sat on a sunken stool sipping strawberry sundae in the sunshine.
Ed erased the editor's egg and eel enchilada.
Rosy Ruben rubbed his rusty ruler on a rich red rug.
Eleanor the elephant explored Egypt with her extremely essential ears.
Narrators never eat nuts and nuggets without nifty napkins.
Archaeologists ate ancient apples with anchovies and aphids.


  1. Look at all your posts! :) I love that Serena is a poet, it's very cool to read. J is too scientific and literal to write nice creative things so I'll have to live through Serena!