Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Monster Cannery

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery was built in 1894 in the historic fishing village of Steveston, not far from where we live. Given that we've walked by the Cannery about a thousand times, you'd think we would've visited this gem earlier. Better late than never!
The Monster Cannery (nicknamed for being the largest in B.C. until 1902) has a fastastic collection of canning machinery and historical photographs with great educational and interactive displays. The replica of the interior of a boat was a hit for Captain Serena.
Try tossing a fish or two with a peugh stick! It's trickier than it looks - just imagine a cannery dock worker hauling live salmon that were way heavier and all floppy and slippery in a giant pile. Serena tried weighing herself to see how much she would be worth if she were a salmon - about $7.50.  
We were all fascinated by the expansive canning line, from the iron butcher to the gang knives to the patching table and all the way to the giant retort where the crates of sealed salmon cans were cooked. The sliming table gave us a real appreciation of what mess and slime and odours that the cannery workers had to endure!

Get a grand video tour of the Monster Cannery from Chris on his blog, The Richmond Reel!

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  1. We don't care what the scales say.
    To us Serena is priceless!!!
    Next time you will have to show us
    Nanny & Papa