Monday, September 19, 2011

Luna Moth

Reporting live from Capella House, this is Serena Ippel:

News!  News!  News!

This morning we went to the park next to our house to play with my new basketball.  We were just practicing balance on the log, when I saw the largest green caterpillar in the universe!  It was green with red and pink hairy dots all over it and a brown head.  It was very fat, the size of my pointer finger!  We couldn't take any pictures because Mom didn't have her camera with her - disaster!!

We went home and looked online to find out what it was.  We found out that it was a luna moth caterpillar.  The luna moth is green with some purple & brown eyes on each wing.  It is very pretty for a moth!  It's got tails on the bottom of its wings.  It is nocturnal and it doesn't eat!  It only lives up to a week.  It's one of the largest moth in North America and it is also on the list of endangered species!

Watch this very interesting video on the luna moth life cycle!

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  1. Wow 1 week does not seem very long.
    nice you were able to look it up and see the video
    Nanny & Papa