Monday, September 19, 2011

Honeybee Centre

We love field trips, a fun and hands-on approach to learning!  Our first YNC field trip this school year was at the Honeybee Centre in Surrey.  They have a very cool glass beehive where we observed a working honeybee colony in action. Serena and her friend managed to spot the queen bee with their keen little eyes! (Can you spot her in the picture above?)

The kids had a chance to explore the lab freely with its honey extractor, beekeepers' tools, skep (man-made old fashioned bee hive), etc.  The honey sampling station was a hit.  Serena's favourite is the orange blossom honey, a delicate flavour for a delicate lady!

A beekeeper used a tool called a smoker to calm the bees before prying a sticky frame out from the hive for us to see.

Once the bees have filled the combs with honey, the beekeeper puts the frame in the honey extractor which spins and removes the honey by centrifugal force.

The centre also has a Bees & Bugs Lab where our junior entomologists explored the world of creepy crawlies, and learned about the differences between insects and arachnids.

A honeybee joke by Serena:
What did the mother honeybee say to the father honeybee when she came home from shopping?
"Honey, I'm home!"

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  1. We really had to look for the Queen bee
    Love the poem.
    Nanny & Papa