Friday, July 1, 2011

Evans Lake Summer Camp

The Ippel Trio had our first taste of summer camp at Evans Lake just north of Squamish.  Having grown up in Hong Kong, summer camps are not something I was familiar with.  Not sure why Keith had never been to camp in Ontario though.  (Perhaps Papa & Nanny could give us some insights?)  After 2 days of camp fun, Serena simply didn't want to leave.  We all had a fabulous time taking in the beautiful wilderness and making new friends with the other homeschool families.

The Evans Lake Forest Education Centre opened in 1960 and is located on a gorgeous mountain lake.  There are lots of trails for hiking, exploring, and playing tag!  (Food chain tag was so much fun - imagine 30+ different "herbivores" and "carnivores" and "natural disasters" wandering around the forest tagging or hiding from each other.)

Serena tried canoeing and archery for the first time.  If it had been a touch warmer, we'd all be swimming in the picturesque lake!

We had lots of free time to hang out and play games outside.  It was a good break for everyone (esp the dads) to be away from all things electronic for a couple of days!

At the end of each day, we gathered around the campfire and had hot chocolate and cookies.  There were songs, skits, jokes, stories... good spontaneous fun and goofiness all around!

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  1. Serena it looks like you had great fun.
    Your dad was to go to camp.
    He was in the boy's scouts (beavers)
    However he got sick.
    he did spend time at Wood end on the Bruce trail
    Thank you for the great pictures Mom.
    Nanny & Papa