Sunday, July 17, 2011


Serena discovered a couple of caterpillars outside of her friend's house at the end of May. She named them Emmaline and Emily.

We took them home and made a nice little habitat for them.  It took us a while to figure out what they liked to eat - lettuce! Emmaline was the active one, always trying to escape.  Emily just liked to sleep.
Two weeks later, the caterpillars disappeared into their cocoons.  Funny how they decided to cocoon right next to each other on the same end of the stick!
Another four weeks later, we have a couple of moths!  We can't find an exact match in our research to identify the moths.  We're guessing they're either tiger moths or cutworm moths.  We don't plan on releasing them - from what we've read, they're not very good for our trees.

Now Serena has 2 pet moths!

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  1. This was a project that took a lot of thought
    and creativity .Well done.
    The result is always so gratifying.
    Nanny & Papa