Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Endangered Animals

What are the rarest mammal, rarest bird, and rarest amphibian in British Columbia?
Mammal - Vancouver Island Marmots
Bird - Northern Spotted Owl
Amphibian - Oregon Spotted Frog

How many Northern Spotted Owls are left in the wild?
10. (Yes, TEN!)

What's another name for a Marmot?
Whistle pig. (Whistler, B.C. is named after that!)

Which of our Olympic mascots is a marmot?
Muk Muk.

The Mountain View Conservation Centre in Fort Langley is doing a wonderful job in captive breeding and rehabilitation for many endangered animals. We got to meet the Vicunas, their fine and expensive wool makes them sought-after targets for poachers. We saw the wild Kulans, another animal endangered because of poaching and habitat loss. We had front row seats at the feeding frenzy of the pack of African Cape Hunting Dogs (also called painted dogs). They are great hunters in the wild with an 80% success rate in getting their prey. (Average rate is 30%.)

Our favourites are the wild cats - we saw the Siberian Amur Leopard Cat, the Indian Desert Cat, and the huge India Temminck's Cat who crunched up little chicks like candies in front of us. The feeder couldn't coax the African Serval Cat to come out for viewing. And that's quite alright, given that we have driven all of these animals close to extinction as we take over more and more of their habitats. They're more than entitled to being a bit grumpy at us!

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  1. Looks like you had a very entertaining day.
    Thank you Serena for sharing this with us.
    Even we can learn with you.Nanny & Papa