Monday, May 16, 2011


Where did you get all these worms??
I got them at the park. I dug in lots of dirt and I grabbed them with my hands!

Aren't they slippery?
Very! They tried to escape from our bucket!

What happens if you break the worm in half?
It will stay alive for a little bit and then it will die.

Did you find any big ones?
Two VERY big ones! One of them was fatter than daddy's finger! The other one was super long!

How did you manage to find so many?
They popped up while we were digging. After it rains, their homes underground get flooded, and they can't breathe, so they have to come to the surface. That's why we found so many, because it just rained!

What did you do with the worms when you got home?
We showed our friends next door and my friends' mom was grossed out! And we looked at the worms with the microscope. Then I put the 2 biggest worms in our strawberry plant and the rest in the compost.

Would you ever try eating worms?
No way! I was just pretending to eat worms with chopsticks!

1 comment:

  1. We are happy you had some expert helping you
    We are sorry but we would not have been much help
    All squirmy and slimy yuk!!
    So glad you were only pretending to eat them
    Nanny & Papa