Friday, May 27, 2011

Pond Peering

Guess it's bound to happen after a year of rain-free field trips - it rained on our pond peering workshop at VanDusen Garden!

The turtles and frogs were in hiding, but we spotted a whole family of ducks and quite a few fish. Even in the rain, the kids were as always way more enthusiastic than us wimpy parents.
("I need a tea...") When they were instructed to collect some pond water and to fish for pond organisms with a net, they all plopped down on their belly and went right to work without a moment of hesitation. Serena found 4 damselfly nymphs (for sure), a mosquito larva (possibly), and a few tiny scuds (we think). We had the opportunity to revisit what we've learnt on food chains, food web, and habitats. It was all good, though I really could use a cup of nice hot tea...


  1. Wow! Another great field trip!!!

  2. Wow!! Another scary field trip with critters
    Did you have to touch them??
    Looks like it was a great field trip
    Nanny & Papa