Saturday, May 14, 2011


We wrapped up our last big project for this school year - OWLS! It's our first time participating in a Science Fair & Share (organized by the South Delta Home Learners). I took my hands off of this one; Serena & Daddy shouldered the entire project together. It was interesting to observe the differences in our approach and the dynamic between daddy & daughter - they certainly had lots of laughs together! Researching with Mom usually starts at the library; with Dad, it's YouTube. Daddy definitely has the fun factor! They had a hoot watching different owl clips, particularly the Transformer Owl. I must say, it got her quite pumped for the project!

Thankfully they did do some "serious" research at O.W.L. where they had a tour of the owls in rehabilitation there. They also brought 2 owl pellets home for dissection. It was quite a messy ordeal but uncovering the bones was very exciting. Serena had to meticulously sort and identify the different bones which was trying for a 7-year old. With Daddy's help, they were able to put together the skeleton of a rodent and a mole, not bad at all for their very first pellet dissection!

At the Science Fair & Share, there were projects on hummingbirds, volcanoes, crystals, electricity, light, tidal pools, earthworms, ants, etc. Each participant submitted a question regarding their projects for a quiz sheet. The kids had fun going from one display to another, finding answers to all the questions while learning from each other's projects. Serena's question was, "What type of bug does an owl allow to clean its feathers?" The answer is in one of the pictures here, so look closely!

Serena has learnt lots on owls, and she will tell you that not only is there such a thing as a Transformer Owl, but there's also a barred owl that likes to say "Who cooks for you?"...


  1. Wow Serena!! Your project is colourful, hands on creative, research productive, and all around fun!! Your bone dissecting looked wonderful. I am not sure who enjoyed more, you or dad?? Blessings Mrs D

  2. Serena.This was a very nice project.
    Nice to see your Dad at work with you
    We have seen a burrowing owl!!
    It is very small and lives close by in Florida.
    Nanny & Papa