Thursday, May 19, 2011

Emmaline and the Bunny

Emmaline really wanted a bunny. She lived in a city called Neatasapin and the mayor named Orson Oliphant wanted everything to be very tidy, more tidy than tidy. He banned all the animals from the city.

Emmaline's not tidy, very untidy. Emmaline liked to yell, "Hoopalala!" and "Dinglederrydee!". And none of the other kids liked to play with her because they're too tidy to play with her. Orson Oliphant wanted to fix Emmaline! And Orson Oliphant wanted no buts! Emmaline was forced to be tidy and if she was tidy, she could get a bunny. She saw some bunnies at the pet store but the owner said that they were tidy bunnies. She didn't want tidy bunnies. She wanted bunnies that would scoot-skiddadle with her.

One day she was under the table drawing bunnies when she heard people say there's a place very untidy with weeds and shrubs and wild bunnies. Emmaline tried to peek inside the shrub and she sighed, "Dunglederrydoo" because she couldn't get in. And then she saw a wild bunny! They played follow-the-leader, and the bunny was of course the leader. Emmaline dug a hole and sat in it. The bunny came from under the shrub and snuggled next to her leg. She went everyday to visit the bunny. One day a hawk came and tried to take the bunny. Emmaline knew that hawks were enemies of bunnies. Bunny was okay but it got very scared. Emmaline got very scared too. She promised bunny that she'd always take care of bunny.

Then she met a lady, the owner of the bunny. She said that if Emmaline made an invitation (not an invitation letter) but one of those invitations that you can make for animals like a safe place, then maybe the bunny could live with her. Emmaline made an invitation in her backyard by growing weeds and plants and bushes. A deer came, some songbirds came, some chipmunks came, but no bunny. Finally one day the bunny came!

Orson Oliphant was not happy with the place, he wanted to fix it. He said, "Fix it!" but Emmaline's parents said, "Go away, we're not going to fix it!" Then he turned purple and green then orange and floated away because he got so much hot air in him. He floated into a town with people who were very grumpy.

In the end, bunny lived with Emmaline and she said, "Hoopadinglelaladee!"


  1. Serena this sounds like a wonderful story! You have recounted it so well with lots of description, expression, and in the right order. I wonder if you are tidy or untidy like Emmaline? Do you think she should have been tidy? Or do you like her the way she is? Blessings Mrs D

  2. From Serena: I am very untidy on outside conditions!!! And on the other hand, I'm very tidy when I go inside! No, I don't think Emmaline should have been tidy. I think everybody should be untidy when they go outside. But when they're inside, they should be tidy. Thank you Mrs. D for giving me a comment that I could answer!