Monday, May 2, 2011

The Dream Stealer

Serena recently finished reading The Dream Stealer, another book by Sid Fleischman, the author of The Whipping Boy.

Which book do you like better, The Whipping Boy or The Dream Stealer?

What is The Dream Stealer about?
It's about a little girl named Susana and a dream stealer named Zumpango. Zumpango was scared of stealing bad dreams, so he started to steal good dreams. One time he stole a dream from Susana and she wanted it back. It's about her adventure going to try to get her dream back.

Where does the story take place?
In Mexico!

Why has the Dream Stealer decided to steal happy dreams instead of nightmares?
He was scared of stealing bad dreams because the monsters and ogres would come to life and chase him!

Do you feel sorry for the Dream Stealer?
I feel sorry for Zumpango because he lives all alone with only his butler for company.

What would you do if someone is stealing your happy dreams?
I would go chase it and get my dream back!

How does the Dream Stealer regain his courage?
By watching how brave Susana was. She reminded him of himself when he was young.

Why do you think Susana decides to be the Dream Stealer's friend?
Because he was kind to her, he saved her from the monsters and he kept his promise to find her dream.

The Dream Stealer stores children's dreams as fireflies. If you could store your dreams as an animal, an object, or something else, what would you choose?
Sea shells! Because they are pretty and because they are perfect for holding special things.

** Discussion questions selected from HarperCollins Teacher's Guide.


  1. This sounded like a very book
    With your description we are able to follow the storyline

    Keep up your good work
    Nanny & Papa

  2. Sorry made an error in the comment
    It sounded like a very good book.

  3. Serena your answers are very well thought out! I love the idea of shells holding dreams. These books sound wonderful! I will have to read:) Blessings Mrs D