Sunday, April 17, 2011


Call me old school - I think cursive writing is a good skill to cultivate. I remember having separate "Penmanship" classes in primary school in Hong Kong. I don't remember if I liked those classes, but I'm surely thankful to have decent handwriting! I enjoy writing and journaling in cursive. It is an art form in a way; I like the fluidity, the flair, the loops and circles. Some people say that cursive writing is obsolete in our computerized world. I don't think computer fonts can ever replace the uniqueness and beauty of each person's handwriting. It'd be a shame if our children never learned the joy and pleasure of writing "organically".

(What I'm really trying to say is: this mother is NOT going to have a child with terrible handwriting...)

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  1. Well we agree
    It looks great.
    Very well done
    Nanny & Papa