Monday, April 11, 2011

Burns Bog

Praise God for a beautiful sunny day as we ventured out to Burns Bog for a field trip. Rain would make this already muddy exploration really messy! Highlights from our day of adventure:

We saw a beaver den (our guide said there's a family in there), an old fox den, and an old bear den:

We checked out different plants - salmonberry, salal, skunk cabbages (also called swamp lanterns), collected some labrador tea, squeezed water out of sphagnum moss (the natives used them as bandages and diapers!), and learned about the bug-eating sundews:

We listened to the story of the sunken tractor (it was stolen in 1979 and driven into the bog by a thief who clearly needed a lesson on wetlands), and saw pictures of a well pickled 500-year old bog mummy found in Finland:

Burns Bog like all bogs is low in nutrients, it is great for trapping carbon, it has peat soil that is highly flammable, and the bog water is very acidic. We also found out that Burns Bog is 10 times bigger than Stanley Park - WOW!

The best part? Watching the kids (not mine of course...) sinking and losing their boots in the mud!

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  1. This must have been a great day.
    All the different things you see
    And all the knowledge you take home.
    Who cleaned up the messy boots
    Nanny & Papa