Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beach Explorer

"It's the BEST field trip EVER! It's SPLENDORRIFIC!! Can you sign me up again??"

I have to agree with Serena that our YNC field trip yesterday was the best yet. Run by the Stanley Park Ecology Society, kids become "Beach Explorers" exploring the living wonders of tidepools. We were blessed with a fantastic display of beach ecology with an abundance of creatures strewn all over the seashores for the kids to discover. Check out what we found!

The kids were given magnifying glasses so they could examine all sorts of barnacles and sea shells patterns up close:

Maree, our guide, said it was extraordinary that we found 3 different kinds of sea stars including a Bat Star in the same day:

We learned about "holdfast", the root-like tangles that the seaweed uses to anchor onto rocks, and "floats", the bubble air pockets that help the seaweed float so the leaves can get some sun!

The kids paired up to build a "crabitat", then searched under rocks for little crabs to put in the crabitat to see how they scurry and hide. We learned to tell boy crabs from girl crabs - boy crabs have a lighthouse shape on the bottom. Serena & I stumbled upon a large shore crab who was upside down. We flipped it back right side up but the crab was very... crabby! It tried to pinch us and started blowing bubbles - Maree said it's a sign that it's MAD!

Serena was thrilled to be the only person who found an isopod (the little green crustacean) and a red ribbon worm. Other kids found a turkish towel seaweed and a small sea urchin. To top it off, a great blue heron stopped by to say hello!

It was indeed a "splendorrific" day!


  1. What a great field trip!!! I'll try and do that one sometime with my kids. Looks like you had a great day for it too!

  2. Wow!! We did learn from this as well.
    Looks like you all had great fun.
    Was it not creepy and slimy???
    Nanny & Papa