Saturday, March 5, 2011


Xin Chao! ("Hello!" in Vietnamese)

We did a big project on Vietnam for the International Dinner held by the South Delta Home Learners group. Serena picked Vietnam as her country for the project because - "My new pants are made in Vietnam!" We read a few library books on the country and watched a fun and very informative video on Discovery Education. Based on that, we built our display. Serena, as always, had lots of great ideas. My job was to help her bring her pie-in-the-sky ideas back to practical planet earth without bursting too many bubbles.

Each family prepared a dish from the chosen country. I showed Serena how to make Vietnamese salad rolls. She picked it up amazingly well (those sticky rice papers are hard to work with!) and she made the whole batch of salad rolls all on her own. She was quite proud when all 30 some odd rolls were gone in a flash at the dinner. (My lemongrass chicken was quite a hit, too, if I may say so myself!)

At the dinner, all the children went around checking out each other's displays, writing comment cards, and getting "stamps" for their "passports". Serena was excited to show off her authentic Vietnamese cone hat - we scoured the stores on Kingsway to find this lone hat in a hole-in-the-wall grocery store. The hat had no price tag (alarm bells ringing in my head...) and the storekeepers spoke little English. I am quite certain that I got completely ripped off for what I paid, but I couldn't possibly burst that particular bubble of Serena. "Oh, mommy, this is PERfect!! Oh, please, mommy, pllllleeeeease??"

And now you know to where we have disappeared in the past weeks!

Chao! ("Goodbye!" in Vietnamese)


  1. WOW.It sure looks like a large project.
    Serena looks like a master chef.
    You must have been very proud of your work.
    The hat was a perfect touch.
    We are very proud!!
    Great job.Nanny & Papa

  2. Xin Chao Serena! Your poster project and beautiful hat are so authentic ( which means very REAL) I can tell you had fun leaning about Vietnam and you taught me some new words:) Chao! Bless you for your love of learning.