Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Rose

We discovered this wonderful site called Art Project that takes you inside museums around the world. Serena loves looking at the different masterpieces and has a running commentary on each. I showed her a room inside the Uffizi Gallery with a few familiar benches and asked if she remembered where that was. "Isn't that where the Birth of Venus is?" We were in Florence in October 2009, and we sat on those benches in that same room for almost an hour trying to sketch the Botticelli painting (that was me sketching, Serena directing to be exact).

Full of inspiration, she painted this acrylic piece described by the artist herself as "a still life portrait of a rose sitting on a book that is sitting on a table with light coming through the window casting a shadow on the green wall". If I'd thought it looked like a piece of fruit, I never said anything. The fact that she had the idea and attempted to capture light and depth in a painting was enough to blow me away. So it's alright when a friend asked, "What is that red thing in the middle?" Great artists are so often misunderstood...

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  1. Serena.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
    The painting looks awesome.
    Nanny & Papa