Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nature's Classroom

Serena and her friends spotted this woodpecker pecking away at a tree yesterday. Unlike most birds, this one didn't care that we were less than 10 feet away and was industrious with its pecking business. We went on a field trip at Burns Bog a year ago where we learned a few things about woodpeckers. So Serena proceeded to share her wealth of knowledge with her friends:

"Did you know that the woodpecker's tongue is so long that it goes backward and wraps around its brain?? Really!! It's very funny!"
"Did you know that woodpecker pecks holes to dig for bugs, but a sapsucker pecks holes so that the tree sap will come out and bugs get stuck on the sap so he can eat them? It's like those bug lollipops!"

And there we stood in amazement, children and moms, for a good half hour watching this bird. Just hours before, we were at the checkout of London Drugs and the cashier wondered why Serena's not in school. Little did she know that Serena was in school - her classroom is just a lot bigger and is not bound by walls.

p.s. We looked through our bird book when we got home and found out that the bird was a red-breasted sapsucker.


  1. Amazing Tina! Serena's knowledge of God's creation is wonderful. I would love to share this on my blog! This is such an encouragement for our science students, and for homeschooling in general!
    Thanks for sharing:) Bless you.

  2. Wow.Even we just learned something.
    Never to old to learn. Nanny & papa