Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poetry Day

This month's Wednesday Club (Vancouver Christian Home Educators Association - VCHEA) topic was Poetry. Serena brought "Runny Babbit - A Billy Sook by Shel Silverstein" and shared 3 poems with the group. We learned about "list poems" and "colour poems", and here are a few that Serena penned spontaneously:

Red is a rose
Red is velvet
Red is an apple
Red is stop.

Green is grass
Green is a tree
Green is fresh air.

Brown is a piece of wood
Brown is a cross
Brown is forgiveness.*

*I did help here to come up with the word "forgiveness" when Serena was stuck. (Writer's block already?) Everything else came directly from her own little head. This budding poet has some deep thoughts...


  1. Beautiful Serena! I love your poetry. May I publish this on my blog Tina please?

  2. Thanks, teacher Pippa! Please feel free to publish any content in our blog - it is primarily for portfolio reporting afterall, no need to ask. So glad you enjoy Serena's little poems!

  3. Serena; We both loved your poetry.Very nice
    Nanny & Papa