Thursday, January 13, 2011


It was around 4 or 5 when Serena declared that she wanted to be a fashion designer. I thank God that she is indeed very gifted in all things artsy. Except that God also has a sense of humour to give her a mother whose worst subject in school was Domestic Education - Needlecraft. So when my dear husband suggested to Serena that mommy should take her to Fabricland to buy fabric for Barbie's clothes, I rolled my eyes. The next day, Serena was thrilled to pieces when I told her to get ready to go to Fabricland.

"Are we flying on an airplane?"
"Noooo... why would we be flying on an airplane?"
"We are going to Fabricland, right?"
"Yeees... we can just drive there, the store is not that far from home."
A pause.
"Oh! I thought Fabricland was like Disneyland!"

The wonderful mind of a child...


  1. You can tell her we have fabric stores here
    So amazing how their mind works

  2. (actually David said) I'm still stuck in your profile description with a picture of prince charming on a bicycle. I am too old school. I still see the motorcycle.

  3. Ooooh, I have "followers", how exciting!!

    Papa - you should see Serena at the fabric store, she would make Nanny proud. Even the grumpy old ladies who work there had to chuckle at her enthusiasm. Or maybe they're just mocking my ignorance when I asked just how exactly does one buy a piece of cloth.

    David - hello stranger! My Prince Charming likes to go green, what can I say!

  4. Nanny said; Serena has the right idea about
    Disneyland and fabric land for both you need
    a vivid imagination. Helpful hint there is fabric
    Glue to be had.And self adhesive velcro.
    No sewing machine required.
    However nimble fingers would be helpful.

  5. Hello Tina and Serena! Welcome to the world of blogging. So proud of you! I know your writing will be a blessing to many:) So cute the amazing things young children say. I wish there was blogging when my kids were small, I could have journaled a ton. Serena you will make a wonderful fashion designer. I will be following your adventures..:)