Friday, January 14, 2011

Edward Tulane

We just finished listening to the audiobook "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane" by Kate DiCamillo. We both LOVED it. The book is about a china rabbit, named Edward Tulane, who got lost and his journey way home. It is a story about love - pride & vanity kept Edward from returning his owner Abilene's love; having lived in the bottom of the sea and on a garbage heap humbled him; humility opened his heart to love; the pain of losing those he has learnt to love hardened his heart; wisdom from a century-old doll gave him hope; and hope opened his heart to love again and brought him home.

Serena has a bunny ("Bunna") that she sleeps with since she was a baby. Like Abilene, she loves Bunna fiercely, and believes wholeheartedly that Bunna loves her and needs her. After the story, she said that maybe she could give her Bunna to her own "daughter or son" one day, and Bunna would go from "generation to generation". I don't know if Serena got all those themes I got in the story, but from the way she was absorbed in the emotional journey of Edward Tulane, I know she understands the intensity of love and friendship, simply by living it.


  1. Well done, Tina!! I'm your first & No.1 fan! Your blog will become my inspiration & my sanctuary to escape from the madness coping with Jasmine, where I can read about you & remind myself how a great mom should be.

  2. Hi dear Joanne, good to hear from you! And thank you for being my fan, you're sweet! I'm sure you're doing a fine job with Jasmine & Jeannie. Know that it's not always rosy here in our household either, and madness does reign from time to time!

  3. Hi, Tina! Great blog entry! Serena's kindness certainly already shows that she is good at living out the principles of love and friendship. Thanks for the great blog entry!