Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Anne of Green Gables

An unedited book review
by Serena Grace Ippel

Anne was 12 when she came to Green Gables. Marilla Cuthbert was surprised to see a girl instead of a boy. Anne really liked being beautiful. She once flavoured a cake with linimint, made her friend Diana Barry drunk, smashed a school tablet on a boy's head, and she was very ashamed of herself because she had listened to a German peddler and bought a bottle of hair dye thinking that it would make her hair black, and she dyed her hair green by accident.

I like Anne Shirley because she is talkative and she is funny and she forgives people when they scare her. She has a great imagination and she makes me laugh. Anne likes to play, dawdle, daydream, and she likes to use big words. Anne accidentally got a rat in the pudding sauce. She is just like me except that she has red hair and freckles and dyed her hair green.

And she does way more accidents than me! Although her birthday IS in March, just like mine!

The end.

Mommy's note: Serena & I have been listening to the audio book Anne of Green Gables. We are on disc 8 out a total of 10. It's my first introduction to this famous book, and I must say it's most enjoyable. As for the review, I think I need to teach Serena about run-on sentences...


  1. Serena what a lovely summary of Anne's story. I can tell that you are really enjoying the character and can identify with her in so many ways. I agree you are a lot like Anne. Your word skills are excellent!

  2. From Serena: Thank you for the comment!!!