Thursday, January 27, 2011

Poems Poems Poems Galore

A list poem by Serena

Squirrels scurry
Raccoons scamper
Bunnies hop
Blue birds sing
Robins twitter
Trees shake
Ferns rustle
Daffodils blossom
Blue jays fly.

A Runny Babbit poem by Serena & Mommy

Sicken Chalad
Chewered Skicken
Brye Read
Leat Moaf
Sash Squoup
Somato Toup
Burkey Troth
Pocolate Chudding
Canilla Vake
Mueberry Bluffin
Tungry Hummy
Tunch Lime!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poetry Day

This month's Wednesday Club (Vancouver Christian Home Educators Association - VCHEA) topic was Poetry. Serena brought "Runny Babbit - A Billy Sook by Shel Silverstein" and shared 3 poems with the group. We learned about "list poems" and "colour poems", and here are a few that Serena penned spontaneously:

Red is a rose
Red is velvet
Red is an apple
Red is stop.

Green is grass
Green is a tree
Green is fresh air.

Brown is a piece of wood
Brown is a cross
Brown is forgiveness.*

*I did help here to come up with the word "forgiveness" when Serena was stuck. (Writer's block already?) Everything else came directly from her own little head. This budding poet has some deep thoughts...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Anne of Green Gables

An unedited book review
by Serena Grace Ippel

Anne was 12 when she came to Green Gables. Marilla Cuthbert was surprised to see a girl instead of a boy. Anne really liked being beautiful. She once flavoured a cake with linimint, made her friend Diana Barry drunk, smashed a school tablet on a boy's head, and she was very ashamed of herself because she had listened to a German peddler and bought a bottle of hair dye thinking that it would make her hair black, and she dyed her hair green by accident.

I like Anne Shirley because she is talkative and she is funny and she forgives people when they scare her. She has a great imagination and she makes me laugh. Anne likes to play, dawdle, daydream, and she likes to use big words. Anne accidentally got a rat in the pudding sauce. She is just like me except that she has red hair and freckles and dyed her hair green.

And she does way more accidents than me! Although her birthday IS in March, just like mine!

The end.

Mommy's note: Serena & I have been listening to the audio book Anne of Green Gables. We are on disc 8 out a total of 10. It's my first introduction to this famous book, and I must say it's most enjoyable. As for the review, I think I need to teach Serena about run-on sentences...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Smarties Math

By Serena Grace Ippel

Smarties Math, Smarties Math
It's a delicious way to do Math!
You can sort it,
You can eat it!
You can graph it,
You can eat it!
You can make Smarties pictures,
You can make Smarties jewellery,
You can eat your pictures and jewellery!
I love Smarties Math!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Edward Tulane

We just finished listening to the audiobook "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane" by Kate DiCamillo. We both LOVED it. The book is about a china rabbit, named Edward Tulane, who got lost and his journey way home. It is a story about love - pride & vanity kept Edward from returning his owner Abilene's love; having lived in the bottom of the sea and on a garbage heap humbled him; humility opened his heart to love; the pain of losing those he has learnt to love hardened his heart; wisdom from a century-old doll gave him hope; and hope opened his heart to love again and brought him home.

Serena has a bunny ("Bunna") that she sleeps with since she was a baby. Like Abilene, she loves Bunna fiercely, and believes wholeheartedly that Bunna loves her and needs her. After the story, she said that maybe she could give her Bunna to her own "daughter or son" one day, and Bunna would go from "generation to generation". I don't know if Serena got all those themes I got in the story, but from the way she was absorbed in the emotional journey of Edward Tulane, I know she understands the intensity of love and friendship, simply by living it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


It was around 4 or 5 when Serena declared that she wanted to be a fashion designer. I thank God that she is indeed very gifted in all things artsy. Except that God also has a sense of humour to give her a mother whose worst subject in school was Domestic Education - Needlecraft. So when my dear husband suggested to Serena that mommy should take her to Fabricland to buy fabric for Barbie's clothes, I rolled my eyes. The next day, Serena was thrilled to pieces when I told her to get ready to go to Fabricland.

"Are we flying on an airplane?"
"Noooo... why would we be flying on an airplane?"
"We are going to Fabricland, right?"
"Yeees... we can just drive there, the store is not that far from home."
A pause.
"Oh! I thought Fabricland was like Disneyland!"

The wonderful mind of a child...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And so it begins...

Thanks to Pippa's inspiration and motivation, here I am, starting my own blog, at an hour when I should be snuggled up nice & warm in bed. Alas, let the adventures begin!

Serena & I had a fabulous day, drifting from project to project. Our "projects" included:
  • making cinnamon buns from scratch for breakfast which turned into brunch due to the meticulous nature of Chef Serena;
  • figuring out where all our clothes were made which turned into a massive wardrobe refolding exercise;
  • graphing the results of our "Made in ???" which turned into a country flag research because Serena wanted to do pictographs;
  • making snowman in the park which turned into an elaborate story by Serena about Rosy and Marco, the snowgirl and snowdad we made;
  • cleaning the bathroom which Serena still foolishly believes is fun;
  • and last but not least, designing new wardrobe for Barbie which is absolutely not my forte.
And people wonder why I'm busy...